HW-C200 Industrial Factory Warehouse Floor Sweeper

HW-C200 Industrial Factory Warehouse Floor Sweeper

HW-C200 Industrial Ride On Road Sweeper is mainly used for mining area, enterprise, large warehouse, university and high grade villa area etc., which has a smooth ground and fine environment.

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HW-C200 Industrial Factory Warehouse Electric Ride On Road Floor Sweeper


  • 48V MF battery pack as the power supply, energy saving, longer cleaning time.
  • Automatic hopper dump system allows operator to dump debris into containers more easily.
  • Driving cab bilateral door design on both sides can be independent open/close.
  • Advanced filtering system with bigger filter area and stronger vacuum capability.
  • Optional of 48V high-proformance maintenance-free batteries and lithium batteries.
  • Ergonomic design makes operator safe and comfort priority.
  • LCD touch screen, main and side brushes can be controlled individually.

Standard Color: yellow; more colors can be customized.

HW-C200 Industrial Ride On Road Sweeper, sweeping width of 1,300mm, when conducting cleaning and sweeping, it can automatically adjust the lifting of brush handle; two-side brushes can collect the waste to the middle position by the throwing-off of main brush to the waste hopper. In case that the dust is large, press the dust vibration button to maintain the cleanliness of the filter element and to ensure that the cleaning effect.

PARAMETERS of HW-C200 Industrial Electric Ride On Road Floor Sweeper 

NO Item Name Unit Specification
1 Sweeping paths mm >1300
2 Cleaning efficiency m2/h >7000
3 Max climbing capacity % 20
4 Main brush’s length mm 700
5 Power supply v 48
6 Continuous working hours h 4-6
7 Dustbin Capacity L 130
8 Side brush’s diameter mm 500
9 Diving power r(motor) w 1200
10 Work power(motor) main brush + fan + side brush +dust vibrating w 600+400+80*2+50
11 Turning Radius mm 1000(spot turn)
12 Dimension (L/W/H) m 1.6*1.3*1.4
13 Max working speed km/h 6
14 Max running speed km/h 8
15 Filtering area m2 5
16 N.W. kg 460
17 Chassis One press forming

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