24V 80AH Waterproof Solar Battery Box

24V 80AH Waterproof Solar Battery Box / Battery Case / Battery Container for 2pcs of 12V 80AH battery

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24V 80AH Waterproof Solar Battery Box / Battery Case/ Battery Container

Model: 24V/80AH

Internal dimension: 360*330*260mm

Outer Dimension: 415*390**270mm

With clamps, stainless steel screws, sealing gasket, stainless steel wire conduit

24V 80AH Battery Box


Usage: 1
At first, connect the wires of battery, seal the terminals by sealing compound; And then put the battery into battery buried box, make the wires through wire hole of battery buried box, fasten the buried box with fasteners; Finally, put the box into the prepared cement pool, cover the lid of the cement pool.

Usage: 2
Directly buried under the ground, no cement pool.

1. Bury the battery underground by the sealed box to solve the waterproof  problem.
2. When the wires pass through the wire hole of buried box to the bottom of light pole, the air-out problem is solved at the

    same time.

3. The battery buried box solved the heat insulation problem in the internal environment through a unique design of the

    fence-style ribs.

4. The battery buried boxes are made through one-time injection pressure with quality material, with advantages of

    anti-seismic, anti-corrosion, anti-acid etc; and the design of special fence-style ribs ensures that the battery buried have

    strong bearing strength.

5. The battery buried under the ground through the box and connected to the light pole base can avoid of theft efficiently.

    At the same time, our battery buried box has reasonable structure and optimal design, it is easy for the installation and

    future maintenance or battery replacement(reusable), described the current first choice for solar lighting project.

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