15W LED 4M 5M Light Pole Solar Street Light

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The configuration of 15W LED 4M 5M Light Pole Solar Street Light:

15W super bright LED lamp, pure white, IP65

4-5 meter steel light pole with its fittings treated by hot dip galvanizing and plastic powder coating

70Wp monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panel

12V/70AH maintenance free sealed gel battery

12V/5A waterproof intelligent solar controller IP67

12V/80AH buried waterproof plastic battery box

Cable and fasteners


Configurations of Solar Street Lights designed on 5 kWh/m2/day:

LED Lamp Proposed Light Pole Solar Panel Gel Battery Solar Controller Battery Box
5 W 2-3M 20Wp 12V/24AH 12V/24V 5A 12V/38AH
7 W 2-3M 30Wp 12V/33AH 12V/24V 5A 12V/38AH
9 W 3-4M 40Wp 12V/38AH 12V/24V 5A 12V/38AH
12 W 3-4M 50Wp 12V/55AH 12V/24V 5A 12V80AH
15 W 4-5M 70Wp 12V/70AH 12V/24V 5A 12V80AH
18 W 4-5M 80Wp 12V/80AH 12V/24V 5A 12V80AH
20 W 5-6M 90Wp 12V/90AH 12V/24V 5A 12V/120AH
24 W 5-6M 110Wp 12V/120AH 12V/24V 10A 12V/120AH
30 W 5-6M 130Wp 12V/150AH 12V/24V 15A 12V/200AH
36 W 7-8M 2*80Wp 2*12V/80AH 12V/24V 10A 24V/80AH
40 W 7-8M 2*90Wp 2*12V/90AH 12V/24V 10A 24V/120AH
45 W 8-9M 2*100Wp 2*12V100/AH 12V/24V 10A 24V/120AH
50 W 8-9M 2*80Wp 2*12V/80AH 12V/24V 10A 24V/80AH
60 W 9-10M 2*100Wp 2*12V/100AH 12V/24V 10A 24V/120AH
80 W 9-10M 2*130Wp 2*12V/120AH 12V/24V 15A 24V/120AH
90 W 10-12M 2*150Wp 2*12V150AH 12V/24V 15A 24V/200AH
100 W 10-12M 2*160Wp 2*12V/180AH 12V/24V 15A 24V/200AH



1. Above Prices are based on quantity not less than 100 untis
2. Designed on averaged insolation 5 kWh/m2/day
3. Lighting time: 10-12 hours/night; 3-4 backup overcast or rainy days
4. Warranty: 3 years


Part information of Solar Street Light:

1. Super bright LED, 5500-6500K for choice, 120LM/W, IP65 cast aluminum lamp housing.
2. High efficiency polycrystalline solar pane, with aluminum frame, tempered glass and junction box.
3. Maintenance free gelled valve regulated sealed battery, deep cycle.
4. Intelligent solar controller, IP68 waterproof, with protection functions and energy saving modes etc.
5. IP 68 waterproof battery underground box (battery box on pole top is optional)
6. Cable to meet relevant solar lighting purpose
7. Optional light pole made of Q235 quality steel, hot dipped galvanized & plastic powder coated, rust proof. With light arm,
flange base & anchor bolts, solar panel bracket and screws

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